Monday, May 7, 2007

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Thanks AGAIN to Tam for yet ANOTHER glimpse into the fucktardery that makes up this nation.

Specifically, the New Jersey state troopers.

Even if they are able to pull this off without people raising hell (because now that it's in the news, you can rest assured that people WILL raise hell), there's a serious flaw in the logic...the same flaw that makes people think that forgoing gasoline for ONE DAY will have any affect on gas prices. *laughs*

If you have a ticket blitz, then a slowdown, you're not "sticking it" to anyone...the blitz in May will likely make up for the deficit in June. Just like if you forego gasoline on May 15th (which is the date slated for the "protest" this year), people are going to make sure to fill up on the 14th or 16th to make up for it. Yeah, smooth move, smart guy. Way to stick it to "the man".

Also, if the troopers slow down too much in June, there might be a backlash on them for not doing their job correctly, in the form of, "Oh, so you did a great job last month, but all of a sudden you're not catching anyone? Losing your touch, eh? What's the matter? Do you need some time off? Maybe you should take a few weeks off without pay and see if you can't get your act together."

Well, if things worked the way they should, that's what would happen.

They'll probably just get a slap on the wrist and continue to act like assholes.

And other than piss people off, their vendetta really isn't going to do any good. So let's all have a cheer for our intelligent, responsible police force...especially those of you in South Jersey. Godspeed to you...though, not TOO much speed, apparently.


HollyB said...

Group Think at it's worst. I'm married to a retired LEO. He had 37yrs in when he retired. He is one of the most honorable, ethical people I have ever known. I don't say that b/c he's my husband, I say it b/c it's true.
Now, I don't know about "Joisy", but here in TX, we have a LOT of educated LEOs. Most either have or are working on undergraduate degrees. My husband's is in History and my Step-son's undergraduate in in Criminal Justice and he's working on a Master's in same.
Sure, I'll grant you that there are some officers, of both genders, who take the badge for the power with which it invests them. However, the psych screening they must pass screen most of them out. IMHO, most officers enter the field out of a desire to truly "Protect and Serve".
The sad fact that, for the hours they work and the risks they take, they are so poorly paid and poorly regarded by a majority of the public, except on rare Law Enforcement Appreciation Days, leads to the insularity that can isolate them further from the public that they continue to serve and protect.
This group of Troopers in Jersey engaged in reprehensible behavior. I'm not trying to excuse that. But please don't paint every LEO with the same brush.

Bonnie said...

I'm biased because the LEOs here in Collierville/Germantown/Memphis have been jerks for as long as I can remember. If you look at one of them sitting in their "trap" while driving by - even if you're not speeding - they'll pull you over and try to trip you up by asking for your license, registration, where you're headed, etc. If you argue ("So...why did you pull me over again?"), you get a ticket for something stupid like changing lanes irresponsibly. I haven't had that happen to me, thank goodness, but when I have been legitimately pulled over (twice in 4 years), I've been treated like I'm hiding a gun up my sleeve and am just waiting to pull it on the cop. So while I'm aware that there are good cops and bad cops, I've only been exposed to the bad ones.

As with the military, however, I commend anyone who joins the force with the right goal in mind (i.e. not power, but protection) because, to be frank, I could never do it (selfish? me? probably), and it definitely takes a good bit of self-sacrifice to carry out. Congrats to your husband for never losing his original goal and for retiring with honor. Would that every other police officer could do the same. :-)