Monday, May 7, 2007


Let me just say right now that the medium I'm accustomed to blogging in is LiveJournal. My blog there is friends-only (meaning I choose who reads what I write, because I really do treat that as a diary of sorts), so I can pretty much tell who's reading at any given time, and I know, generally, where the people who are reading hail from. It's cool, to me, to be able to interact on a tit-for-tat basis with other LJ users (meaning, you can read my stuff, I can read yours, and everyone's happy because there are no surprises). Thus, I'm really unprepared for what Site Meter has been telling me about my visitors today:

First of all, you can't see the numbers on there, but I'm up to about 50 page visits for today, and 80 views (what's the difference? Length of time spent perusing?). That's pretty damned cool, to me. I started out getting excited because 6 people had viewed my site in one day. It's not even 1pm yet, and I'm already up to 50. Neat!

The neatest part is that people all over the world have checked my blog out (and the referral page points to AD as the source), and I don't know who they are!


This means that ANYONE could be reading, seeing my opinion, and talking about me. Call me silly, but that's just so cool. I like to be talked about - even negative press is good press...just ask Britney Spears and Paris Hilton!

So thank you, regular readers and people just browsing, for even the consideration required to click on a link leading to this blog. And thank you to those who've mentioned me in their blogs, put me on their blog rolls, and directed any traffic at all to my site. I try to do the same, and I'm hopeful that this trend will continue.


Babs RN said...

Well welcome to the Blogger world then :)

The diff between visits and page hits for Sitemeter's purposes is best put this way: Say I go visit your site. That's one visit. Say while I'm there I click on other post titles and go to those individual pages, or click on an out link and then come back to your page. Those would be individual page hits. Those count differently than the individual visit. Did that make sense?

TD said...


I'm the guy showing up as Southgate, Michigan... Found my way here this morning from your comment on Tam's blog, then saw you again on Ambulance Driver's site.

Anyways, I like your style and I'll be visiting again.

Bonnie said...

Babs - so people could be reading my entries without actually clicking on any links, and regardless of how long they were there, it would count as a page view...and if they actually click to read comments or to look at my archives, that logs them in as a visit? That makes sense. Thanks! :-)

TD - I just checked out your site. I like it. I'm adding you to my blogroll. Thanks for the compliment and the visits!