Monday, May 21, 2007

Ladies, your suggestions, please (holsters).

I'm a curvy gal (38-31-41) with a high waist. I wear jeans that fit me just above my hips, and work pants that fit just below my waist. I rarely wear belts, though that will probably change soon (weight shift because of desk job...ick).

Holsters that fit inside the waistband have been suggested to me by TD, but obviously he can't help me find one that would be less detectable with my body type.

Also, obviously, I'm going to have to likely GO somewhere once I get a weapon and try these out, but as with the suggestions for the guns, I would like suggestions for holsters now so that I can kind of narrow my field a bit. I hate going on wild goose chases, and with so many knowledgable people at my disposal here on teh intarwebs, how can I resist asking?

It seems to me that the holster should fit on your dominant side (i.e. right side since I'm right-handed), just behind your hip bone. Is that correct?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


Tam said...

"It seems to me that the holster should fit on your dominant side (i.e. right side since I'm right-handed), just behind your hip bone. Is that correct?"

That's where I carry mine. My 'net buddy pax favors "appendix carry" for her G26. Your height and the size of the gun are two other important factors. If I was several inches shorter, for instance, I'd probably carry a 4"/4.25" 1911 rather than a full size one for ease of getting it out of a holster worn high on my waist behind my hip.

Check pax's site out at

Bonnie said...

Okay...she's linked on here, and I've perused her site several times, but I wanted to see what was preferred by the blogosphere, because, as with guns, you can read a source, but the only real way you're going to know if things are practical is if you have several sources that can attest to the accuracy/comfort/stability/etc of the product/system.

What I've gotten from Pax is that I should probably cross-carry.

I suppose I'll have to figure the gun out first and go from there, eh?


pdb said...

Not being equipped with a woman's body, but...

I think a lot also depends on your typical attire. If you can get away with wearing slacks and an untucked blouse, or an execu-chick jacket all day, you can pretty much conceal anything.

If that's the case, then you might want to think about going with a flat leather "on the belt" holster, especially if you're packing a slim gun like a Kahr or a 1911. With a short barrel and a good degree of cant, you can conceal the whole thing between your waist and hip.

But you will have to throw away all your crappy department store belts and get a real belt. Some belt makers have fashion conscious models that are narrow in front yet wide in the back.

I have not experimented with appendix carry, so I'll let others chime in on it.

pax said...

Bonnie ~

I absolutely hate to do this, especially since my site has already been invoked and it probably just sounds like I'm shilling, but ...

... the specific articles you should see (if you haven't already) are here and here.

Those two articles have almost as much as I can tell you about finding a belt holster that fits curves. The bottom of the first article has links to a few holster makers, and you can find links to more on the links page.

The single most comprehensive list of holster makers that I personally know of is over at Defensive Carry, but they just moved to a new server and the direct link appears to be down right now. There are about a hundred holster makers on the list, when it comes back up. It's worth keeping an eye on that site for a day or two to catch it when it does come up.

There are a lot of different possible solutions to the curve problem, and which one works for you will really depend a lot upon your exact body shape, your choice in clothing, your firearm, and (of course) the belt/holster combo you choose.

It's important to note that concealed carry is not simply a matter of finding a good holster, or even a holster & gun.

Effective concealed carry is an entire system: gun, holster, belt, and outer clothing. The best holster in the world will be uncomfortable and less secure if it is carried on an inadequate belt. Similarly, even a good holster and belt combination cannot entirely compensate for poor choices in outer clothing.

So you've really got to think of all these variables as a complete system that works together to do what you need it to do. And, sigh, that means that you may have to buy a few new pairs of jeans to suit your new lifestyle choice -- just as you had to purchase a holster and a gun and a belt.

Another site that discusses holster fit and female body shapes is at this link -- that's a page from Cunningham Custom Leather, by Christine Cunningham. That site is worth a look even if you have no intention of purchasing a holster from her!

My own personal choice is, as Tam said, a G26 appendix carried. I use a Blade Tech UCH (kydex, tuckable, IWB) holster, and have for many years.

Seems the women I know who carry on body are mostly divided between that method, or carrying in the flat spot just directly behind the right hip. Generally speaking, the shorter the torso, the more likely a woman is to prefer appendix carry, while those with longer torsos are more likely to be pleased with behind-the-hip, especially in a high rise holster.

Hope that helps some. Good luck on your quest!


pax said...

Found the direct link to the huge list of holster suppliers. It's here.