Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Vitamins are "drugs"? Will we need to show ID for those, too?

The basic premise of this bill is that non-traditional (i.e. natural, holistic) medicine will be regulated in such a way as to be nearly impossible to "practice".

So those of you who are used to treating your depression with St. John's Wort...or like to take Chromium to help your body burn calories...or even like to take vitamins with extra Iron to help stave off anemia...you're essentially under attack by Codex Alimentarius.

Read the official docket here.

Here is the form to be commented on - PLEASE COMMENT TO SAVE YOUR RIGHTS!

Where do you comment? Why, RIGHT HERE!

Guess what I just did?:

Remember my last post about the 10 easy steps to fascism? Guess what, guys - we're there. We are knocking on totalitarianism's door. The time to fight is NOW.

Don't choose to fight when they're trying to cram an RFID chip into your shoulder (I predict they will try to do this to everyone without an opt-out within the next 3 years, when people start "forgetting" to carry their NIDs - see below).

Don't choose to fight when they hand you your National ID card (in one year's time - the bill has already passed: Read it here. Notice how the "war on terror" is mentioned in everything that Bush and his administration pass? Terror Management, anyone? This is playing on people's fear of dying for the sake of their own agenda, and that ain't cool).

Don't choose to fight when Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.A. become ONE HUGE COUNTRY. (I hate Wikipedia, but the whole thing is actually explained pretty well here.)

And, God forbid, don't choose to fight after they've already taken our guns away.

Know your rights. Fight for them. The government isn't going to do it for you.

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