Friday, May 25, 2007

Common Sense. Where did it go?

An email has been circulating up here at work with the common, "Read this! It could save your life! This is for real!" subject line and body.

The basic story is this: Women stopping at gas stations or coming out of stores have been stopped by people asking what kind of perfume they wear. The jig, apparently, is that the people doing the asking will hand the woman a sheet with perfume "samples" on it, but OMG they aren't samples at all! They're ether! You sniff the sheet, pass out, they rob you, and you're left with no memory and no money! O NOES!

Luckily, I've learned the value of

In fact, the exact email that was forwarded to the email account I'm using right now was listed on the page with the debunking information.

So, of course I hit "reply all", pasted the link with a short message saying, "FYI - this is fake". Because that's what I do.

I'm not a big fan of people hawking their wares in parking lots, because it DOES seem suspect, but reporting someone to the police for offering up a sample of something based on a forwarded email is really, really stupid. Let's just arrest all of the Costco sample ladies while we're at it, because a friend of mine told me that her friend's mom's ex-boyfriend's cousin's girlfriend found a mouse turd in a crab rangoon once at a Costco in Arkansas, which we all know is just a DIRTY STATE, anyway. So DON'T EAT SAMPLES AT ANY COSTCO, OKAY? This is for real. This could save your life.


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