Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Duggars

Let me preface this by saying that I have no problem, logically, with their situation. They are responsible parents, fiscally responsible people, and the family seems to function freakishly well. And if Michelle's body is holding up, and they're able to provide well for all of their children, then who's to say that they can't keep having kids? Feel free to argue with me, but I've seen evidence of families who have only one kid, or even no kids at all, and can't even keep up with their usual bills. The fact that this family of 18 (soon to be 19!) is able to do so and thrive is very impressive.

Now that that's out of the way, I have to post this photo that a friend of mine posted on her LiveJournal (Lily, new mom to Cash...great person, and a fun read). If you're easily offended, you shouldn't be on my blog, anyway, so I don't know what to tell you.

Did anyone else nearly pee themselves laughing at that picture?


Tam said...



BobG said...

Looks like some of the families here in the state where I live.

Bonnie said...

Bob - okay, that got a giggle. :-)

John McElveen said...

I wonder if they had to tighten her baby shoot after number say -- 15! Or do they just fall out and start crawling. I know that's ugly but damn that's a lot of kids!


Honey Let's invite theDuggars for dinner- Rent the Armory

Bonnie said...

John, I've actually often wondered if sex holds any pleasure for either of them any more.

I think she must have an iron womb. There's no other explanation for why it hasn't ruptured during natural childbirth after the C-Sections she's had. Seriously.

LabRat said...

Now that I've gotten the iced tea off my keyboard...

Maybe she does Kegels pretty much every second of the day she's not giving birth? I cannot think of an alternate explanation as to why she'd even still have urinary continence.

John McElveen said...

Wow- never thought of the scarring from so many sections- excellent poit as to where is there an area for an adequate attacement inside the womb. Maybe they should have put in a zipper!

Thank you so much for the info on adding the picture. I've seen that spot for adding a URL but with the 3rd party app I have it won't let me navigate to my pics. I'm going to download the one you gave me and see if I can get something clever to add to the posts.

As always- I enjoy the blog immensely and your intelligence and wit as well!

Thanks new friend- and I'm adding you to G-mail addressbook today and you can get me at


Thanks again!!


Bonnie said...

Sorry about that, LB...I should probably put a "Class 1 Beverage Warning" at the beginning, huh?

I didn't see any Depends in the grocery basket while they were shopping on the TLC special, but you never know...

Bonnie said...

John - you're kind of freaking me out with all the compliments! ;-) lol

I'll go ahead and add you to my address book, as well. You can hit me up whenever - I'm usually pretty prompt about answering emails, so if you have any questions or anything you want to talk about, please feel free! :-) Thanks again for reading!

John McElveen said...

LOL- Sorry Bonnie- Your Blog sucks and I'm never coming back!

Feel Better? I just think that we don't give enough credit and praaise and thanks in todays society for a job well done. We are so ready to pounce on the negative and I agree with you- it is a little -I don't know-- Hard or difficult to take a compliment- we kinda wonder OK what angle or what's your agemda!

Well I have neither the smarts nor ability to have an agenda LOL!

I genuinely love people and when i find someone deserving I like to tell them. After all I compliment Hammer and you know- well He's Hammer!! VBG!

Thanks for being "Available" wink wink-- Chat with ya soon.


Bonnie said...

Hah! Well, I mean the genuine thanks...I just like to give people crap, as you may have noticed. :-)

John McElveen said...

Notice! It's what I likes about ya. I will e-mail as I have a coule of other techie type questions. Will be working on the posting part tonight. Have a great evening and I'll e-mail ya soon with the questions!