Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell is dead.

In my experience (just had to put that up there first, because I don't want people thinking I'm making a generalization about people I've never met), born-again Christians have a tendancy to be more militant and intolerant of people who don't think exactly along the lines that they themselves do. I think I know two people who don't fit that stereotype, and they're within my personal blog circle (if you know of any more, please point them out - I'm always on the lookout for nice people).

I think Jerry Falwell fits into that (personal) stereotype better than anyone else I've ever heard about or met. And I live in the Bible Belt, so I know a LOT of born-agains.

Anyway, it'd be mean to say "good riddance", and nothing's going to change what's already been done, but I really wish there was a way to keep people from trying to atone for their sins through the persecution and judgement of others. That's just not What Jesus Would Do, y'all.


BobG said...

"born-again Christians have a tendancy to be more militant and intolerant of people who don't think exactly along the lines that they themselves do."

I think that is probably true of most converts in general; I've seen a lot of people from different countries, cultures, and religions, and it seems the most fanatic religious people are those who have converted from one faith to another. It isn't 100% true, but seems to be a general rule of thumb.

JP said...

People who turn to Christianity to justify their bad behavior seem to be the militants. Born again psychopaths really believe they are ok with God and if you don't believe it, you better just watch your back, goddammit.

John McElveen said...

Preach it Squeaky. I'm born again and totally embarrassed that I was EVER that narrow minded and or intolerant. The longer I walk in Christ the more tolerant I am of ALL people and realize I've never had the right OR the ability to judge others!

Sorry for the streotype all.

Born again and Proud of it


But you are dead on Sgueek- Jesus would never have any part of that!!! Well put.

Bonnie said...

BobG, you're correct - I've noticed that with all groups, political and religious...even converts to new restaurants or stores will act like you're a sinner if you go anywhere else. I was referring to BACs because of the obvious correlation between them and the subject of my post.

JP, Yep. They seem to want to try to make up for their own mistakes by being the "best" Christian they can be, but they forget that whole "forgiveness" part that's written all over the New Testament. Way to pay attention, right?

John, You're one of the people I was talking about. You talk like a born-again (no offense taken there, I hope...what I refer to is that you're really gung-ho about it, moreso than a lot of people who grew up with that mindset...it seems like it's still relatively new to you), but you definitely seem to have your priorities in order as far as treating other people goes. That's never a bad thing. :-) Glad you have you on my blogroll.

John McElveen said...


Absolutely no offese taken .. I am proud of who I am and how far I've come. I have been "SAVED" for 23 years and Taught most of that time. I do realize that as far and as long as you walk- you have really only scratched the surface of Spirituality. As I always state- This is MY personal experience and I don't have the RIGHT- to cram it down anyones throat. Cept my wife! OMG- He's a Christian and he made doo doo mouth.
I genuinely Love most everyone! The others just flat out "Piss me off!" Will repent later LOL!

Thank you for the compliments as I continue to grow and learn and live life!

I'm so sorry that you are damned, going to hell where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth!!! Hey,
That already happens when I listen to Opera! :-))))

I tried to warn you--but would you listen NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... you had to go and Piss of the Lord. Look what he did to Jerry Falwell!!

Personal belief: Christianity- (mainstream) and a LOT of Churches are Satans biggest ally here on earth. They keep most people from ever wanting to walk die to the smell of hypocrisy.

Love to ya gal!!


Bonnie said...

John, if there's a hell, I've been well on my way since I was 5 years old and came to my own conclusions about religion. :-) When I run into Jerry, I'll ask him if he regrets anything...lol.

John McElveen said...

LOL- I want to hear his answer--course I may be standing right beside ya!! LMAO Big Hugs!!