Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

Some general information for those who asked, and for those who might ask in the future:

I'm 5'8" and 180lbs. Stocky, heavy bone structure, huge hands (4" of palm from wrist to bottom of pointer, 3" of pointer). No dainty lass, I. So think of a gun that can be held by a German man who's about 6'...that's the kind of handle size I need.

However, a shoulder injury doesn't allow me to do any high stress activities with my dominant hand. My upper arm and back muscles can compensate for a few instances of recoil and whatnot, but after that my shoulder start complaining in a big way (I shot a couple of years ago with several gun, which is how I found this out...a .44 magnum was pretty much a no-go). So something I can practice with a lot (i.e. wouldn't hurt me too badly) would be good, in addition to being something that will be easy to carry (I do intend to get my CCW license). I intend to take whatever gun I purchase to the range to get really comfortable with it so that when it comes time to actually use it (god forbid), it won't be an issue.

I've heard a lot of talk about S&W, and several people have mentioned Glock. For someone who likes to wear jeans and tee shirts, and isn't a skirt-lover (if it has pockets and legs, I'll wear it), which guns should I be on the lookout for that would be easy to conceal in these types of outfits without having to get a holster? I'd prefer to carry in-pocket, if possible.

I'm trying to get ideas as to easily-concealed guns so that I can practice with these types to narrow my field of choice even further. I do NOT intend to purchase a gun without first practicing with it quite a bit to make sure that it's going to be comfortable for me, due to my shoulder.

I realize that, when it comes down to it, recoil isn't going to be a huge deal after a while, but if I can't even shoot a gun enough times to get used to the recoil because of my shoulder, then it's just not going to work.

I'm getting the idea that the Ruger SP101 is a great gun for in-home security, but is not easily concealed. Fair enough. So any other suggestions for easily-concealed guns (aside from the ones that have been suggested...I'm making a list to take to an actual gun shop, not a sporting goods store) would be more than welcome. Revolver or cartridge, doesn't much matter to me. I can load and shoot both, and I plan to take a class, anyway, so I will become accustomed to whatever comes my way.

Again, thanks to you all who've commented so far, and thanks to Tam and Say Uncle! for the referrals. I really appreciate any and all help I can get in this area, so that I'm prepared as possible (i.e. don't look like a total n00b) when I get going on this route.

I've been looking at Cornered Cat, as well, and have found valuable information on grip and whatnot.

Thanks again! :-)


Wire said...

Glocks are awfully blocky for pocket carry - Kahr makes a nice selection of 9mm and .40 caliber compact pistols, as well as a fairly small .45 caliber pistol.

If y'all are getting a group together, I've got the Kahr in 9mm if you want to give it a test run.

Strings said...

Regardless of WHAT you get, I have to point something out about pocket carry: you should DEFINATELTY use a holster! Unless you're carrying a semi-auto with the hammer resting on an empty chamber, you have a negligent discharge waiting to happen...

Gregg said...

For the way you state that you dress a holster would be doable. I will leave it to Tam to help with holster location, as I am a guy without the womanly curves.

Revolvers, S&W in .357 or .44 (686, 629 etc...) with a 2-4" barrel; Charter Arms Bulldog .44 special (This is a very nice carry weapon, 5 round cylinder if I recall correctly, but very nice, and not bad though it does bark a bit.)

Semi-Auto: Well, the skies the limit, but you need to decide if you are more comfortable with a traditional single action automatic, like a colt 1911, or a Browning Hi-Power (p35), a double action, think beretta 92(m9, or a double action only (dao) think Glock, though a Glock really is a seperate beastie, it's close enough.

Regardless of what you choose you then need to think about calibre. Personally I am a firm beleiver in "size matters". Yep, I'm a .45 shooter, though I did steer my sister towards a .40. Look at the ballistics and pick something that is comfortable, yet performs the way you want it to. Yes, you can use various ammo types to reduce overpenetration etc...

The final thought is to make sure you practice. One of the biggest mistakes I made was moving from a full size 9mm Browning Hi-Power to a .45 Colt Officer's Model. I wasn't ready for the increase in noise and muzzle flip. I got over it, but it was more work than it ought to have been, so take it slow.

Oh, and for all the people screaming that shot placement is what counts rather than bullet weight etc... Let me say that I realize that. However, in a life or death situation the standard adrenal response reduces fine motor control, thus making proper shot placement that much more difficult when you are having a laxative moment.

Anonymous said...

If you do go with a revolver for in pocket carry, as has been mentioned earlier, make sure you buy a hammerless model. Also, three of the five guys I shoot with regularly, inlcuding me, all have an SP-101 and love it but, to a man, they have all needed a trigger job which smoothed and lightened the action as well as adding about $100 to the price.

My two cents on a semi-auto would be to not go lower than a 9mm and use Federal Hydra-shoks, Winchester Silvertips, or some other high performance ammo. A good idea is to see what the cops in the area are using and use the same, if, god forbid, you have to shoot someone this can help in court as well.

As for make and model, like everyone has said, that is a personal choice, although I carry a Springfield XD-40 sub-compact in the warmer months and I love it, very easy to shoot as well as break down and clean.


Andrew said...

My pocket carry gun is a S&W 442.

Aluminum framed aka "airweight" .38 special, 5 rounds.

Hammerless, so it's double action only.

Capable of firing +P (extra pressure) rounds.

For practice you'll likely want to wear a glove, but usually my wife doesn't know it's in my pocket.

It's a suggestion, but take your time and fondle as many different pistols as you can get your hands on.

what feels comfortable to you is probably a good choice...

t3rrible said...

My carry piece is a Kel Tec p32 with a clipdraw. I can carry it IWB or in a pocket and nobody knows. I used to carry a J frame airweight SW 38. I loved it but I am sold on the concealability of the Kel Tec. I am less concerned about being able to stop a rhino and more concerned about being able to carry my gun anywhere I go, so concealment is my issue.

All that being said, I am 6' 3" and about 240lbs so I can afford to carry a smaller gun.

The main thing is find what you are comfortable with and get used to carrying it and shooting it. The offer stands for the range meet up. I am partial to Range USA and the penal farm range is closed. Email me if/when you decide to go.

The Old Man said...

Just my $.02... A little "pocket rocket" that's rugged, reliable,easy to carry, clean
, and shoot is the Makarov. Yes, it uses the 9mm Europellet, but it's almost indestructable and is SA/DA. Also fairly cheap and can live in a hip pocket.