Monday, May 14, 2007

On a (sort of) personal note...

...what's the use of having a job if you're not doing anything?

Actually, I'm pretty okay with not being busy on my first day, but I felt the need to snark. I've had to be polite all day. It's not something I'm used to. School has spoiled me.

The phone's been really quiet for a Monday. That scares me. Tomorrow's going to be bad, I just know it.

Still...I got paid really well to sit here and "learn" how to do things. So I'm NOT complaining in the least. Like I said...I miss the snark. I will have to look up more news when I get home and go to town.

I will catch up with comments tonight, too. I actually got some...shocking!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie, keep plugging kid.


Bonnie said...

Thanks, Mike. :-) It's all good. I'm sure I'll have plenty to do in the coming days, and I'll be complaining about not getting to