Monday, May 7, 2007

Bits from everywhere (well, according to BBC)

Bush honors Queen Elizabeth at the White House. Direct quote from the queen (she's not MY queen, so I'm not capitalizing it): The relationship between our respective countries is "close and enduring".

You mean like when we kicked your asses out for trying to trample on the new laws we made for ourselves?

"It is the time to look forward, jointly renewing our commitment to a more prosperous, safer and freer world," she added.

I don't think so, lady. I've seen what your country refers to as "freedom", and I don't like it.


In Italy, a new law is being pushed that would basically make it impossible for filthy-rich people to hold office.

Now, I'm not someone who's going to rail on a person for having a lot of money - it all depends on how they got it. This guy in the article (
former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi) apparently did a hard-and-fast investment process and obtained ownership of several television outlets.

I don't have a problem with owning a lot of companies and wanting to run for office, though I can see where it would be an issue if you happened to own media-based ventures. What better way to plaster your face all over and refuse advertisement to your opponents? So I can see where these guys are coming from, but I don't think they need to pass a LAW, fer chrissake. That's like passing a law over here telling someone that they can't live in a town with dirt roads if they drive a Lamborghini or something, for fear that they'll decide to pave the roads to save their car.

Well, not exactly, but you get my point. You can advise someone against something and let them know that they should probably reconsider their tactics without passing a freakin' law...especially for one person. That's just stupid.


More Chinese population drama. Do I need to comment on this? Well, I guess I'll say something, anyway:

Here's a solution: keep the female babies and ship them to the U.S. or some other country for college! Then they can find a male with a fetish preference for Asians and be allll taken care of. There. Problem solved.

Okay, seriously...yeah, the population problem in China sucks. I would hate to be crowded in with so many people (it's approaching that sort of situation in Memphis, though not nearly as severe). My problem with the mindset isn't necessarily the laws against more than one child (or two for "rural areas"). The issue that I see is the placement of value on males over females...and not just because I am a woman. I see their point in wanting sons: carry on the family name, bring in a higher paycheck, and no dowry needed at marriage time. I just don't know what to say, really, about it. This situation defies reason to me. So I'll just stop there.


Just what the world needs: more Korean cars in the market. Oh, yeah...and more trade with Europe, which I suppose is okay. But I'm more focused on the car thing.

I have nothing more to say on that, but if you'd like to hear about my various experiences with Korean-manufactured automobiles, feel free to comment for an earful. I didn't even have that many problems with my Ford Escort (and you wanna talk about a shit car...).


The weird part about this situation in South Africa is that I wouldn't be a bit surprised to hear something like this here in Memphis.

Sorry for the prolific posting today. I guess you could say that I'm inspired.


HollyB said...

Escort? Let's talk about the Ford FucUs, er, um Focus. A friend who has a mechanic son said that's what they were calling the Focus durin' it's 1st model year...

Bonnie said...

Hahaha! I know several people who drove those when I went to school the first time around (2001). The cars totally crapped out on them after 2 or 3 years. I'm sorry, but for my money, gimme an early- to mid-90s Toyota Corolla. I drive an '89 right now, and it's old and beat-up looking, but damnit if it isn't in good shape.

There's a reason that "Fix Or Repair Daily" joke came about for Ford vehicles. :-)