Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Today is apparently the day for babies to be born.

An emergency C-section this morning for a co-worker's wife.

A co-worker's grandson is due today...the daughter is in that weird high-risk phase, so they may induce her.

The previously-mentioned woman is possibly being induced today.

Munchkin Wrangler just had a new addition to his family. (congrats!)

One of my co-workers celebrated her birthday today.

...one of my best friend's children is going to be 5 tomorrow. Poor kid missed the May 15th train.


TD said...

Hey, now it's your turn to disappear. And all I have to show for it is, well.. it looks like the top half of a rearview mirror.

JP said...

Scared to think of what a kid born today will be doing when it's my age.

Bonnie said...

TD, my power went out, and it took the internet connection with it. Danny had to reset the whole mess this morning. Sorry 'bout that. If you're on at any point, hit me up and I'll send the rest of that (side mirror, btw) picture.

JP, I think the same thing, and I'm only 23. :-X The world changes a LOT in a very short space of time.