Friday, May 25, 2007

YGTBKM, and another absence...

Cleric calls it like he sees it regarding the war in Iraq.

"Pay attention: This is an important point," he said. "As far as I know, the occupation is behind this, creating an excuse for it to stay in our beloved Iraq. So don't give it a reason, please."

Is it bad that I totally giggled? Not out of disrespect for this guy - I believe he has a somewhat valid point - but the fact that he's so POLITE about it: "hey guys, those people from that other country are trying to stay here as long as possible, and we really don't need that. so can you stop fighting with them, please? yeah, that'd be greeeeeat."


Gas station owner stages protest against high gas prices by closing his pumps for the day.

Remember that whole "Don't Buy Gas on May 15th!" thing? Do you know anyone who paid attention, save a few college-aged and high-school-aged kids who don't pay for their own gas, anyway? Me, either.

I have a Facebook, and I saw a TON of people sign up for a group devoted to that particular protest, and in response, I wrote a note basically saying that it was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard of.

Look at the facts: if EVERYONE in the country doesn't buy gas on one day, they're going to fill up some other random day, anyway, so no one really loses any money. You're just delaying the money's imminent arrival by a day or so...or even not affecting it at all, as some people will fill up their tanks in anticipation of the protest, because no one wants to be stranded for the sake of a Hippie Gas Holiday.

To me, this guy's effort is going to have the same result. People will fill up at his station the next day, or within the next week or so, and things will be business as usual.

I would LOVE to see some sort of protest actually work, because I know that gas prices right now ARE artificial. I could believe them being like, $1.50 per gallon, MAYBE. But we're not running low on gas right now, y'all. We have a refinery down, but there's no freakin' way it would drive costs up that much.

Personally, I only buy gas from independent stations. I don't buy from Shell, Exxon, BP, or any of the other big names. I know the smaller stations get their gas from the same sources. It might not make any difference at all, but it makes ME feel better even while my bank account is being raped.


Another Ohio execution is "botched" as staff struggle to search for veins in 250+lb condemned inmate.

I have some advice for them: get someone from Lifeblood to do the sticking for you.

Their JOB is to find veins. And if they can get a gusher on me, someone who's notorious in doctors offices for being a 30-minute stick job, then they can sure as hell find a vein on anyone else.

In the meantime, maybe the electric chair should be brought back. There seems to be a decidedly smaller margin of error on those things.


Smoking not allowed in 84% of homes, by choice of the homeowner.

And someone's going to cite this as a good reason for smoking to be banned everywhere, even though the example I get from it is that property owners are more than capable of choosing what they want done in their buildings.


I will, once again, be out of town this weekend for a wedding. And, again, you will probably not hear anything from me until next week. I have no cute animal pictures to post here to sate you until then...sorry.

I will probably have some photos to post when I get back, though. St. Louis (again), ahoy!

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The Old Man said...

Being a Buckeye I can tell you that it tisn't easy to wind up on Death Row here. You have to have been convicted of a very nasty crime. To avoid the complaints from asshat attornies about botched injections hurting their precious felon, offer the offender the option of a double-barreled 12 gauge fired at the back of the skull. No achy pierced arms, no pain felt by the deceased.
Works for me...