Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More tidbits.

Archaeologists think they've found King Herod's tomb. The archaeological geek in me is going "SQUEE!"

And I have "King Herod's Song" stuck in my head...So you are the Christ, yes, the great Jesus Christ...prove to me that you're no fool: walk across my swimming pool!

Sorry. I have no snark for that. I just thought it was neat.


will visit the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as well a US aircraft carrier in the Gulf. Why? To try to convince them to "help" us "tame" Iraq. The areas surrounding Iraq are mostly Sunni (as opposed to "sunny", but I guess that's true, too), a stark contrast to the Shiite sect in Iraq, which makes up about 60% of the total population of the country.

Methinks this is another tactic to stay in Iraq as long as possible.


The White House is bickering with Kansas over the amount of response by National Guard Members in relation to Iraq. Of course they are.

Whether there's a shortage of Guard members or not, the fact remains that situations like Iraq are NOT what the U.S. National Guard was formed for. It's not the Iraqi National Guard, is it? The Mexican National Guard? Nope. UNITED STATES. Why the hell are we sending them to Iraq to fight this stupid war when there are things over here that they could be helping with?

Our country's troubles don't stop just because there's a war elsewhere. Jackasses.


More proof that the UN is pretty useless. Basically, the story is that Russia and China are rumored to have traded weapons with Darfur illegally. Wah, right? The only people who seem to have a problem with this are the ones in the UN. Call me naive, but a group that doesn't seem to do anything but slow things to a crawl when they're not sure what's going on should probably not be calling the shots where weapons are concerned. I call that a recipe for disaster.

And that's all I've got for now. The Shield comes on in a few minutes. I love that show. Vic is my freakin' TV hero.


Anonymous said...

Tam is right, this is a great title.

As I recall, the much heralded Baker Commission suggested we get diplomatically involved with the local nations. They also suggested that the number of soldiers be increased. (By courtesy, I will count marines as soldiers, or if you prefer, soldier is a term of art which can include Marines).

The national guard was created just for this kind of thing. It was the state funded organized militia which was not suitable to be deployed overseas. The current federalized National Guard has been used overseas in the Phillipines, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm. I recall some advertizing copy that suggested the National Guard and Reserve were part of "One Army", all of which would be able to perform their missions when requested, where ever deployed.

Bonnie said...

Thanks...occasionally the angel of wit visits me. :-)

As I understood it (and I am quick to admit when I've been mistaken, so no worries about me trying to be staunch and argue with you), the National Guard is the group that's supposed to be here in case, you know, stuff happens at home that needs taking care of, regardless of whether we're in an outside war or not. They're guarding our nation...hence the name.

That would stand to reason, anyway. And I don't call any of them smaller soldiers for being "weekend warriors" under normal circumstances. Anyone who chooses to do anything for their country, here or abroad, should be commended.

Angus Lincoln said...

Hey Bonnie, thanks for taking the time to write all this stuff. I for one, find your ideas not only well put , but entertaining as well. It's always good to read a little satirical point of view regarding the various absurdities going on around the world today; particularly from a young mind such as your own. I reckon we should both thank Tam too. I look foreward to your future posts.

Bonnie said...

Angus - I should thank all of YOU for reading!

I'll try to keep things interesting. I appreciate the compliments! :-)