Saturday, May 5, 2007

Paris Hilton: Justice was served. Why are you bitching?

I just found about 4 brown recluse spiders hiding in the guest bedroom closet, so I'm going to take a break to calm down, let my blood thaw, and blog about the Paris Hilton arrest, because apparently some people think that the sentence was too harsh, and cite several examples of why Paris shouldn't go to jail.

One thing that stuck out immediately: most of the people named by this defender are black, with the exception of Mel Gibson and Nick Nolte, who are old, rich, white guys, and Wynonna Judd, who's an old, white, rich woman.

Hey, I just call 'em like I see 'em.

Paris isn't merely "being made an example of". She's being DULY PUNISHED FOR A CRIME COMMITTED. The people who walked free? Age and race were likely the two biggest factors, as were popularity (or lack thereof). Let's take stock of the people on the list:

Mel Gibson
Nick Nolte
Tracy Morgan
Wynonna Judd
Busta Rymes

Let's be frank here: none of these people are all over the news for reasons of celebrity. Mel Gibson isn't revered for anything but hating Jews. Nick Nolte is a druggie who's way past his prime. Tracy Morgan got little mention as a result of that show "30 Rock" (that was him, right?), but that' Wynonna Judd? Fat country singer who doesn't do much any more. Busta Rymes? Who's heard anything worth noting about him that hasn't been negative lately? Eve - ditto. Brandy - ditto.** If any of these people got jail time, it would be like, "Huh. Okay." No real outcry, maybe a giggle (at Mel's expense, of course), and maybe an offhand comment from the NAACP about how the "colored people" (hey, it's in THEIR name) are being unfairly judged. Other than that? Meh. Business as usual.

Now let's look at Paris Hilton:

She's young, she's ALWAYS in the news, she has her hands in every pot that she can (acting, singing, fashion, real estate) regardless of the success of these ventures, and she's an heiress (BIG MONEY). Lord knows why, but a LOT of 'tweens, teens, and young women look up to her, and many guys use her for their masturbatory fantasies. Is there anyone on that list above that you can attribute all of that to? Didn't think so. Also, she's white, and the general consensus seems to be that if you're young, white, and rich, you can get away with anything. So far, she has.

Thus, she goes to jail for this crime in the same way that a "normal" citizen would, to let the youngin's know that if they drink and drive (on a suspended license), they'll actually be punished, because if Paris can be punished, anyone can.

What a concept, right? Actually punishing someone and not allowing them to buy their way out of it! OMG! I like how Kathy Hilton bitched about the money spent after her daughter was sentenced. Get over it, Mom. Here's your reality check (and here's your sign).

Slam me for the non-libertarian feel of this post. Whatever. I'm just excited to see someone like Paris get a reality check, FINALLY. Spoiled little brat.

**Although I have to say that Brandy's ass NEEDS to be in jail for vehicular manslaughter. I don't give a shit if it was an was her fault for not paying attention, and her carelessness killed someone. Damn.

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