Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ah, that's better.

I'm on my lunch break right now. I was BUSY this morning, even without the phones. Itineraries, vouchers, filing...that's more like it.

One thing I can do without is people calling and requesting to be transferred to voice mail, then changing their minds and calling me back to hand-deliver the message, "just in case". *rolls eyes* Honey, trust me. The voice mail isn't going to get distracted on the way to deliver the note and forget all about it 2 minutes after it was written down. ADD in electronic applicances isn't very common.


Approval ratings for Congress and the Prez continue to be low.

I didn't realize the approval rating for Congress was THAT low. Not surprised, but damn.


Look at this headline, then read this story.

That is an example of an unnecessary and stupid headline. Future journalists, please take note.


Miami is location of worst road rage.

The article says that St. Louis is listed as one of the friendliest cities. I beg to differ. And Memphis isn't even on the rage list. I'm going to beg a difference of opinion on that one, too. People in St. Louis are arrogant about their driving, and very stupid about left turns. I used to get fists shaken at me all the time because I actually STOPPED at stop signs, rather than doing a rolling pause, which is what most St. Louis residents do.

Memphis drivers seem to THRIVE on honking their horns at each other, flipping each other off, and generally being jerks no matter where they go. They ALSO drive like they're missing the entire front half of their brains. Dur-duh-durrrr.

And why are people in Florida so angry? I think Atlanta should be at the top of that list.


Student financial aid director fired for engaging in activity that was against the interests of...well, everyone but himself.

I wish someone would investigate the FA department at my college. I have NEVER in my life encountered so much stupidity (can you tell I'm at work again? No cursing) in only 2 people. Amazing, really.


As a sort-of random aside, does anyone have any opinion on non-necessary birth induction? I know someone who's not even due until next week, but due to her association with a medical field, she's become afraid to go past her due date (she apparently thinks that if she's even a little late, the baby will die, which is ridiculous, because due dates are a guesstimate, anyway). So she's scheduled an induction for today.

I obviously disagree with it, for reasons of common sense: Women were sort of, you know, made to give birth. Forcing that process, especially on your first child, is liable to cause problems with births later on. If you're late and you have toxemia or something, or the baby is in distress, by all means get it out of there. But if mommy and baby are healthy? Why ruin a good thing?

What do you guys think?


JP said...

People are so bored with the natural course of things they just have to screw with it. And of course a doctor or over informed first time mother to be must know what's best for her unborn child. Just look at the history of childbirth since the beginning of time...the best kids were all gouged out by surgeons being financed by wealthy insurance companies weren't they?

Road rage is getting a bad rap. Road assholes are the core problem. If there weren't so many idiots who can't drive on the road, I wouldn't have to bump them or run them off the road and beat them with my flashlight so often.

As for congress approval ratings...what does it matter? These things will always be decided for us with or without our approval. The election process is a big fix ever since they invented electronic voting machines and Diebold. Phil Spector is a rock and roll demon doing the devil's bidding. Spector...it's right there in his name! String him up. His day is past. Didn't read the FA story...I got a cramp in my foot again.

Bonnie said...

JP, you made me LOL with that first comment...I just don't get that people wanna screw with a natural process for their own convenience.

I think a mandatory refresher course for everyone between the ages of 18 and 65 should happen every 5 years for drivers. After 65, if you show any signs of not being able to see properly or of not being able to judge, then you're out. Do not pass Go, do not collect any more tickets. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

I think the Congress approval thing is indicative that the Dems are wrong (what a surprise) about how they can do things better. If they WERE doing better, their approval rating would be higher. And I don't think approval ratings really matter for anyone except those who want to feel vindicated that they think like someone else.

I just thought the "Spector looked like Elmer Fudd" title was really stupid.

Poor foot. :-( The FA story was just significant to me because of all of the problems I've had with those departments.