Monday, May 28, 2007

Aaaaaaand we're back.

The wedding was awesome. I went to an actual Ren Faire. Then I ate Greek food that didn't make me want to gag.

Then Danny and I drove allllllll the way home with no air conditioning this morning/afternoon.

And I wonder why I started having dizzy spells several hours ago. It's okay - a nap fixed it.


People are horrified left and right by my desire to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights.

I feel like Cartman in the South Park movie: "What's the big fuckin' deal? It doesn't hurt anybody."

I mean, obviously a gun CAN hurt someone, but you get my drift. Carrying a weapon in and of itself does not guarantee that someone will become injured.

When I'm asked if I'm nervous about carrying a gun, I ask a question back: "Why should I be?" It's an arrogant a flippant retort, yes, but it encourages them to tell me what's on their minds...what do they envision a gun owner to be? And most importantly, why would they think that I, of all the people they know, should be nervous?

The reply I get back, almost every time (with some variation) is: "Aren't you afraid of shooting innocent people?"

Would a *headdesk* be inappropriate here?

I'm aware that, with as crime-riddled as Memphis is, a lot of people freak out at the sight of a gun even in just a photograph, because to a lot of us here, gun = robbery. Gun = senseless murder. You get my drift. This isn't the best city in which to be a young, unarmed female. I'm not a small person, but due to my genetic propensity toward looking as though I'm ripe for baby-bearing, people assume that I'm weak and/or promiscuous, even though I don't dress in much other than jeans and men's tee shirts.

And when, like me, the added risk of a stalker is added (ex-military, at that), the question of safety really starts to become an issue. And while people can understand the fear aspect of that equation, they can't understand my desire to protect myself.

The mind, it boggles.

Just as an aside, but still on-topic, a law was just signed into effect in Tennessee (like, literally 5 days ago) that says that any Tennesseean has a right to defend themselves in any area in which they have a legal right to be. It's touted as a "castle doctrine", but the wording suggests that if you're on a public street and someone accosts you, you can defend yourself in any way necessary without prosecution. It's a law that gives victims the benefit of the doubt.

Why is this significant for me to write in here? Because it means that being able to carry a concealed weapon is now worth something more than it was prior to that law coming into effect.

Now, if I'm out and about and happen to be alone (or with someone...whichever...though this particular scenario is more likely to happen if I'm by myself, because this guy's kind of a puss), and my friendly neighborhood Stalker Ex-Boyfriend happens upon me with no good will in mind, I can LEGALLY, without question, take matters into my own hands should he decide to try to physically harm me. That's a large weight off of my shoulders, especially given the history of this particular person's harassment methods (staying JUST within the law, which he told me via email that he intended to do...not that that helps me where the police are concerned).

It's the little things, yo.

And I really do hope that the only place I ever shoot a gun is in a range. I hope I never HAVE to use it.


JP said...

I just now got back from the gun shop. Bought a Mossberg 12 gauge pump shotgun with a pistol grip. I was looking for a Colt Officers 45 Auto, but they are expensive and I just wanted something that could drop an intruder here at the house. I wish I could carry a pistol on me to work but it isn't allowed on the property under any circumstances. A 45 will incapacitate anyone no matter where you hit him.

Squeaky Wheel said...

For home protection, that doesn't sound like a bad deal.

The only place I'm worried about carrying is on campus. I spent too much money getting back into school to have to worry about getting kicked out for wanting to protect myself against someone who goes to school less than 5 miles away.

Whatever weapon I end up getting, I want it to be small enough to be nearly undetectable.

JP said...

Glock makes a really small 9mm.

Squeaky Wheel said...

So I've heard. It's definitely on my list of "try before you buy" guns to shoot at the range. Thanks! :-)