Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Wisconsin city planners don't know how to spell.

This isn't world news or anything particularly important. I was doing data entry and realized that someone, in their infinite wisdom, had misspelled the name of a common midwestern bird. I sat there staring at Mapquest for a good 3 minutes trying to figure out who in their right mind would have let that street name request go through.

Another highlight of the data entry? The overwhelming substitution of "there" for "their".



Cindy Sheehan gives up after 2 years of protests against the war in memory of her son, Casey.

Just read it. As someone said to me earlier, the Democrats used her, then turned on her and shit on her when her protests no longer aligned with what they wanted.

And think about it: there are so many other parents, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, and children who are going through the SAME THING Cindy did. And she cared enough to stand up and try to figure out why.


Bar in Australia bans heterosexual patrons.

If that's the owner's preference, then that's fine...I mean, whatever. You own the building, so do what you want.

Here's my issue: how in the hell can you TELL? "You don't dress well enough to be gay..." or "...you're not butch enough to be a lesbian"? What the hell?


Tennessee wants tolls to help with road repairs.

Tolls are cited as an alternative to raising gas taxes, which people have been complaining about.

Think about that for a minute.

We're not going to get any relief anywhere else. They're just going to tack on more money to travel in this state. People aren't going to complain about that?

And we already have a $700 million dollar SURPLUS.

What the hell are they doing with that money? I don't get it.


U.S. Citizens will be required to undergo security checks for proof of eligibility of employment after that stupid immigration bill goes into effect.

The best part is that if they make a mistake on your record, and it's in there that you're not eligible to work, the mistake likely won't get fixed.

Nice, huh?


New tell-all book (sounds like a tabloid, eh?) outlines U.S. plans to trick Americans into wanting to go to war with Cuba in the 60s.

I'll echo someone else on this, too: what makes you think they're not doing the same thing now? Obviously they're capable, and with all of the cover-up, shut-up-and-be-a-good-american, don't-defend-the-constitution bullshit going on, it's entirely possible that this has already happened.

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist...but the drama practically writes itself.


Why richies shouldn't be in charge of government spending.

Did you see that number? 1.3 TRILLION dollars in debt. TRILLION.

I'm kind of sick.


Restauranteers claim that Jack in the Box alludes to Angus beef being from a cow's ass. So they're suing.

Here's my deal with this: if JitB wanted to allude to themselves being any better than another restaurant for their choice of beef, don't you think they would NOT use Angus after calling it cow's ass?

Someone making a circle with a pen while saying "Angus" doesn't mean "anus", dumbasses.

Get a clue.


Illinois steals money from welfare program to pay for unconstitutional legislation.

That legislation that says that video games should be restricted (something along those lines...it's something really stupid that the people who say video games cause murders wanted to put through) was short some money this year.

So the government, in its infinite wisdom, raided the money used for Welfare to pay for the program.


I don't agree with Welfare, but, uh...if you're going to have it in place, shouldn't you honor it above something that's unconstitutional?

Oh, wait...that would be un-fascist of you. Carry on, then. *rolls eyes*

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