Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good morning.

How much of a fucktard do you have to be to start a fight at a Boston Pops concert?

This quote in the "story highlights" cracked me up at first because I read it wrong: Fight was at Symphony Hall; Ben Folds was guest musician

I thought it said "Ben Folds was great musician". I *just* got my eyes checked last year. I will blame it on lack of sleep.


Blair stepping down after 10 years as Prime Minister of England.

I'm sure there are many people out there breathing a sigh of relief. I think it's funny that it coincides with our election year, but I'm not making any assumptions there. I'm interested to see who they pick next.


GOP is apparently telling Bush that he needs to have evidence that his methods in Iraq are working by September.

This quote is an eye-roller: "The American people are war-fatigued. The American people want to know there's a way out," LaHood said.

Judging by the way people are acting in my city, you'd be hard-pressed to be able to figure out that there's a war at all. I mean, I'd like to see it end because I think it's a really fucking stupid war, motivation-wise. But I'm not like, "leave NOW OMG I CAN'T FIND NYLONS ANYWHERE!" We're NOT feeling the effects of this war anywhere but in our minds - and in the hearts of the people who've either been there or have family there. The gas shortage, contrary to popular belief, is not the result of this war. That's a whole other subject, though.

Back to the article above, here's another quote I found interesting: One source who attended the meeting, Rep. Mark Kirk, R-Illinois, told Bush that without positive results soon in Iraq, his district will be prepared for defeat.

I...uh...what's the talk about defeat? I mean, seriously. We're not fighting for anything, really. This is one of those wars where someone thought they could do something better than someone else, and the person who was supposedly doing something wrong didn't have the organization or money to fight off the advances of the person who wanted to change them. Period, end of story. The only thing we "lose" if this "war" isn't "successful" is...oh, wait. Yeah. We won't look like the BMOC anymore. Carry on, then. *rolls eyes*

Pissing contest.


Executed man's last wish honored.

So this guy was executed yesterday. Before he died, he said his last wish was to have vegetarian pizza served to any homeless people surrounding the prison where his execution took place. The government refused because they didn't want to do any charity work (okay, you have to admit...THAT'S funny), but a bunch of people in the Nashville area donated $1200 to feed pizza to homeless people.

*gigglesnort*: "...this man [Workman] wanted to do something to point out the problems of homelessness."

What, that you can't get pizza? I think many people are aware of the problems of homelessness, and while it's great that this man used his air-time to provide some food for them, we shouldn't be treating him like a martyr.


Al Sharpton is an idiot.

I refuse to call him "Reverend". Someone who makes comments denouncing someone else's faith does not deserve the title. I'M a better Christian than he is, and I'm Agnostic.

I couldn't finish that article after reading the statements that Al wrote to try to cover up his statement. Hi, guy, the press records everything. They may get the interpretation wrong sometimes, but there's usually someone listening and recording everything you say in public, and you can't really misinterpret "...As for the one Mormon running for office, those that really believe in God will defeat him anyway, so don't worry about that. That's a temporary situation."



In more personal news, Google Reader saved my life, y'all. No lie.

Okay, so I'm exaggerating...but it IS pretty neat. It updates with blog entries as they're made, so that you don't miss anything, and you don't have to open a shitload of windows/tabs in your browser 3 times a day to see if anyone's updated, which takes a lot of time. For someone like me, who spends too much time online as it is, this is a great way for me to be able to still read the blogs that I'm interested in, update things, and check my email, while not spending 2 or 3 hours doing it. In fact, I'm pretty well done with my morning bloggitude, and I'm about to go do some...housework! Yay!

*end public service announcement*


BobG said...

"How much of a fucktard do you have to be to start a fight at a Boston Pops concert?"

Probably the same sort who would start head banging during a polka.

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