Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blogroll Updated, and other stuff.

There are some folks on the new blogroll whose blogs I've been perusing with the help of Google Reader, but I've neglected until now to add them to this site.

I have a new addition who's Spanish-speaking, and while I can only grasp about 50% of what he's writing, I figure there might be someone who reads my blog who knows some Spanish and might enjoy what he has to say.

From what Babelfish tells me regarding what I can't translate on my own, he's a pretty pleasant guy with a decent blog. Just take a wild guess where he is on the blogroll.

In other news, when I'm not busy at this job, I want to jump off a building. I really hope the anthropology thing works out after I graduate, because wandering around taking notes on people and researching their behaviors is a hell of a lot more interesting than sitting at a desk waiting for emails to come into your inbox so that you can stop trying to claw your eyes out from boredom. Don't get me wrong...the people here are great. But I'm just not cut out for office work.

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