Tuesday, May 22, 2007


When I think "terrorist", I think someone who, well, causes terror. On purpose, specifically. A terrorist really can be anyone...those stupid lists have THAT much correct, though they need to get rid of the slant towards people who give a damn about defending their country non-confrontationally.

My sister's old neighbor who used to scream at the voices in his head while mowing her lawn unasked (because it was too high for those voices to take, apparently)? Terrifying, but not a terrorist.

Now, if his version of mowing the lawn was to burn it to teach her a lesson about keeping up with the aesthetic value of her grass, then I would probably put that in the "terrorism" category. As it was, though, he just kind of startled us when he'd tell himself to shut up at top volume.

My point is that the government and the ME-dia have opted to paint terrorists as a specific race (and usually gender) of people from a very specific area of the world. They won't say where terrorists are from in articles any more. We're just supposed to assume that these terrorists are Middle Eastern in some way.

I have news for you. Someone robbing a bank is a terrorist. People running around vandalizing cars are terrorists. Set fire to anything that's not yours on someone else's private property (or TO someone else's private property)? You might be a terrorist.

The following quote by Turkey's prime minister from this article kind of made me feel a little indignant:

"We have to unite against terrorism," Erdogan said. "We have to create a global platform against terrorism."

Uh..."uniting" against something gives the impression that there's one country or class of people who are doing ALL of the terrorist acts. That's simply not the case.

Not to mention that he sounds like a parrot of Dubya.

bawk! "Global war on terrorism!" bawk! "Stop the insurgents!" bawk!

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