Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ron Paul does well under fire.

This is a video of Hannity and Colmes getting a hold of Ron Paul after the debates last night. They don't let him finish a sentence, and they lead him like a pair of prosecuting attorneys in the 1950s trying to convince a jury that because someone is black, that's reason enough for them to have committed the crime.

I couldn't watch to the end (I get angry when someone's getting interrupted while saying something I'd like to hear, and I can't do anything to stop it), but Danny tells me that Paul's attitude is like, "you fuckers...I can't believe you just did that". But from what I see, he handles the situation well and with good humor. If he gets the nomination, I think he's going to get my vote.

Here's his election website. Note on the "daily updates" that he came in 2nd on the texting poll that Fox did. Considering that he had a 20% lead when we turned stuff off and went to bed around 10-ish, I smell a rat, but what are ya gonna do?

Oh...another thing Danny just sent me...wait for this to load, and then skip ahead to the 3-minute mark (if the countdown is backwards, go until you have 2:26 left) and listen to this fucktard (Michael Steele, the GOPAC Chairman) throw his own party member to the lions. This kind of shit is why I hate politics with a passion. And Hannity and Colmes encourage it, which is REALLY weird to me, even though it IS Fox. It's not their place to further the debates. Fucktards.


ExistingThing said...

What pisses me off is that comment that it's just a phone poll and that it doesn't mean anything. Had Sean's favorite won the poll, I'm sure he would have been happy to encourage the validity of the results...


Bonnie said...

I know. It's not like the people's opinions matter, though. *rolls eyes*