Sunday, June 3, 2007


Johnny Knoxville sued by actor after stunt leads to "personal" injury.

If you're stupid enough to put your penis in a mousetrap before that $10,000,000 check is in your grubby paws, you deserve whatever misery you get.

No, scratch that...if you're stupid enough to put your penis in a mousetrap, PERIOD, you deserve whatever misery you get.

ESPECIALLY if Johnny Knoxville and Jimmy Kimmel are the ones telling you to do it. Use your brain; to quote Tom Hanks' character in A League of Their Own, "It's that lump that's three feet above your ass!"

People up in arms about new DRM-free technology on iTunes.

Apparently, when you download this music, it's no longer attached to your email address in such a way that other people who've ganked the file from you computer won't be able to play the songs before verifying the purchase with a username and password.

That sentence was a little garbled. Let me explain further:

Say you're on AIM, and a friend sends you some tracks via file-sharing that he wants you to listen to. You download them, and then open them in iTunes. When you click on them to play them, a little window pops up with the username/email of your friend, along with a box for a password, in order for you to "verify" ownership of the track. annoying.

However, with the DRM-free technology, your personal data becomes permanently attached to the file (internally, rather than externally, as in the DRM method described above), so that if someone chooses to investigate the path of a song, they can trace it back to whomever originally downloaded it, and possibly sue them under that creative licensing stuff (sorry, I'm a little fuzzy on why people would be pissed about their personal creative efforts being virally shared online when they're still attributed to their name, and thus add to their notoriety. Maybe it's just because I'm a blogger and I don't get paid for this - but I don't get paid for my paintings or photography, either, and both of those mediums get seen by hundreds of people).

BBC Online adds a helpful little tidbit to getting around that pesky little setback, however:

"Apple uses a technology known as Fairplay to limit what people can do with downloads. Fairplay can be circumvented by burning tracks to a CD and then converting them to another format."

Thanks for the tip!

Gene therapy could be used in the future to help erectile dysfunction.

I see any story about people wanting to mess with genealogy for perfectly selfish reasons, and it makes my brain twitch.

Call me a bitch, but if you're not able to get a hard-on, your genes might not be the problem you've got to solve. Try exercise. And stop smoking. Or drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Limit your intake of fat and sugar. FRANKIE SAYS RELAX.

Funny - these are the same tidbits of advice that are given to women who have a hard time conceiving.

And either way, if you're having trouble with either activity, maybe you need to give it a rest for a while and focus on other things. Obviously you're just not meant to bump uglies/have a kid at this point in time.

Mis-timed bomb in Iraq kills civilians rather than the police squad it was intended for.

Who's surprised? Anyone? Bueller?

On a different note, it's strange how this kind of headline can be splashed all over the news about a country such as Iraq, and nobody bats an eye.

But when something comes up that's not even half that bad here in the States, everyone has an opinion, and people scramble to try to build their own agenda on top of the "tragedy".

Just sayin'.


Castro is up and about, and meeting with people informally.

Am I the only one who thinks that Castro and Mahn look like the happiest inter-racial gay couple on earth in the article's photo?


John said...

LOVE IT Squeaky- I have a Viagra Pen at Urgent Care- It's HARD to write with. I guess I need to C-alice about it! Great post...

I have a soft spot for people who suffer from ED.

Not that I would know--I'm just sayin-----LOL

Squeaky Wheel said...

*groan* Lethal puns!