Friday, June 1, 2007

Oh, Memphis...again, you defy my expectations.

Do me a favor, guys.

Go to the Eyewitness News website.

Browse around a bit.

Find some positive news.

If you find it, post it here in the comments.

Aside from the polar bear being returned to its exhibit, I got nothin'. And even that article is stupid, because it shows how the zoologists on the staff at our zoo didn't even have the foresight to realize that, hey, a polar bear could get hurt if there's a freakin' 14-foot dry moat in the exhibit.

YOU GUYS STUDY ANIMALS FOR A LIVING!! Can't you do better than that? Seriously. You charge us $20 to go in and look at these guys, and for my money, I want happy animals. Not gimpy, sad animals. Work on it, plskthxbai.

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