Friday, June 8, 2007

YGTBKM, part 1

I had a hard time following this article's line of thought.

It's about Edwin Hall, that guy who kidnapped Kelsey Smith in a Target parking lot and then killed her. He kidnapped her last Saturday, and I guess they just found her body on Wednesday in Missouri (she was kidnapped in Kansas, which makes this a federal offense).

The article appears to want to be a dissection of his MySpace page, but apparently there wasn't enough interesting info there, so they continued to speculate on the murder/kidnapping itself, turning this article into a schizophrenic interpretation of the situation.

It says that the MySpace page said that he liked to eat kids and "harm small animals", but there was a link from his wife's MySpace page to his, which causes me to think that this was a gag of some sort. Else why would his WIFE link to his page? Unless she was just a sick fuck, too. Not much is said about her, though.

Also, this guy had a small kid. If he was serious about harming small animals and eating kids, and was dumb enough to put that on his MySpace page, wouldn't his wife have left and taken the kid with her? And wouldn't he have already been in jail? Did I miss something here?

Maybe I'm missing the point. It's happened before. But this article, as it stands, is poorly written and stupid. They just wanted to have something to say about it, likely. That's pretty sad.

At least Paris Hilton wasn't on the front page this morning. That stupid bitch needs to just take her solitary confinement and be happy they're not putting her in general population, though she deserves that. That's all I'm saying about her.


JP said...

Paris Hilton finally gave Al Sharpton something legitimate to bitch about...She should get a lethal injection for her own good.

Strings said...

You would not BELIEVE some of the twisted things mothers can do...

I know of a family where the daughter was molested by the father (and later, by her brother) not only with the mother's consent, but at her encouragement. Sick, twisted little people...

Squeaky Wheel said...

JP - I'm not so sure about THAT, but if she tries this shit again, I say force her to eat nothing but carbs for the next 5 years (with supplements, of course...we don't want our dear heiress to die before she can fully appreciate her fuller figure). That should be a fabulous punishment that would hit her where it hurts.

Also, a fat Paris? HI-larious!

And yes, Al Sharpton actually has a point this time. I thought I'd never see it in my lifetime. And I'm pretty young.

Squeaky Wheel said...

Strings, you mean Münchhausen by Proxy? Yeah, I've definitely become aware through the years of what moms can do to their kids. It sickens me how someone can hurt something they gave life to...let alone hurt another being for no reason (i.e. self defense) at all.

Let's just hope the little boy in this story was left alone, and that the wife truly was ignorant. If not, it'll give me something else to rant about, but I'd rather not have THAT kind of fodder.

JP said...

Fat Paris...sounds like a Photoshop project.