Friday, June 1, 2007

A bleg? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

I have a request.

I get approximately 40 people visiting my site each day. Of those, maybe 20 are returning visitors.

If the 20 of you who come on a regular basis would please pass on the following information, I would be much obliged (from my livejournal):

Red Shira is in a bit of a pickle. Her mother has a form of breast cancer which WOULD be easily treated if not for the lack of a functioning lymphatic system.

In order to raise money for the treatment her mom DOES need, Shira is offering her services as an artist.

You can find samples of her art here on her blog.

She's very talented. If I had enough moolah, I'd totally go for it.

But...I don't. Which is why I'm asking you guys to go over and look at her samples and see if maybe you'd want something painted by her.

The entire story and her reasoning are on the LJ entry in which I linked. Her style is very eclectic, and despite the one NSFW painting on that page, the rest would even be appropriate for a child's room, should any of you be interested in that.

I'm re-adjusting to actually having income again, which is why I can't partake. Otherwise I'd commission 4 or 5. No joke.

So if you've got plans for re-decorating, and you have an idea in mind for a painting that Shira might be able to recreate, don't hesitate to at least ask her. She's more than happy to do it, and the income would be greatly appreciated.

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