Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Dear Oriental Trading Co.,

No doubt you've seen my previous entry on the prevalence of the word "patriotic" in your most recent catalogue, which I did find somewhat annoying and redundant, given the fact that every single one of these items is fashioned in some way after the American flag.

I just want to let you know that I DO usually find your catalogue very interesting, and that I was actually considering ordering some of your non-season-specific items, such as the inflatable palm tree cooler, which would come in handy for the small summer parties The Boyfriend and I like to throw.

Also: buttermints? Yes, please. Yum.



1 comment:

John said...

Oriental trading huh? OK- I'll give you two small Koreans for One Asian Math whiz so I can finally get in Nursing School..also I'll throw in one Nationality of your choice to be named at a later date.

Please hold all letters as I love all people, races, creeds , colors, aliens, animals, & pygmies. I'm an equal opportunity offender. Just wait long enough---your turn is coming!