Friday, June 8, 2007

YGTBKM, part 2

Say Uncle has an interesting reflection on the fact that California reps voted 41-38 to outlaw mixed-breed animals in the state.

No mutts. No general "cats" and "dogs". Nothing that doesn't have a traceable lineage, and nothing that can't have papers provided for it.

Everything else must have a mandatory spay or neuter by age 4 months.

I don't understand why they're doing this, but it makes me want to throw a Third Reich salute and scream, "Sieg Heil!"

Next think you know, they'll demand that only blondes live in the major cities.


LabRat said...

The people on my blogroll who do serious working and hunting with their dogs- who are often of breeds that are only considered breeds by the people who work with them and breed them for working ability and not by the AKC- are understandably UTTERLY APOPLECTIC about this.

The sad thing is, seeing their outrage just makes it all the more painfully clear that the only people this is going to impact are honest people who take good care of their animals (and thus have vet records the state can use to prove status) and breed for a dog that can do something other than look cute.

Josh said...

They can take my half mastiff/malf St Bernie puppy from my cold dead hands. And likely from his snarling jaws.

Freakin' California. Its stuff like this that makes me wish I could stop paying taxes. If these guys are so hard up looking for things that need legislation, then this should really be paradise. But no...ignore the big problems and go after mutts. Idiots...

Squeaky Wheel said...

Labrat - I know - it pisses me off because there are only 2 or 3 breeds of dog that would be viable in the state of California while also being worth a damn...but the mutts are great companions, wonderful hunting dogs, and often much smarter than the purebred animals. As far as cats go, there's almost no such thing as a purebred housecat for the general population anymore - they're all domestic shorthair mixes. It sickens me that they'd try to homogenize the state even more - I guess they weren't happy with their reputation for being "fun", and want to be taken "more seriously". :-P Asshats.

Josh - I hear ya on the tax thing! We're having to fund this bullshit by threat of jail and personal/financial ruin. It's enough to make me want to commit hari-kari or something. :-P Someone's bound to do that at some point - it probably won't be me, but I'll cheer when it happens.

Your dog sounds like it's probably adorable.