Monday, June 4, 2007

Thinking Blogger Awards

From what I can see, the tradition for someone who's been awarded a Thinking Blogger Award must pass it on to 5 others. Is that correct?

Oh, well - if it's not, I'm going to pass it on, anyway. I'm going to try to give it to people who actually READ my blog, so the cycle can continue.

First up, we have TD. Despite outward appearances, he doesn't spend all his time drinking and teaching others how to drink (Ahem, pdb...). He's a pretty intelligent blogger, but to get the full extent of his personality, AIM chats are necessary.

The next award-winner on the list is Hammer, particularly for this post on bathroom etiquette, which is not only true, it's funny to boot. He's on vacation right now, but hopefully when he gets back he'll regale us with more reasons why he hates people. Because those are always fun.

Number Three is BobG. His rants kind of remind me of myself...or, since he's been here longer, maybe I remind myself of him. Or something. I dunno. Anyway, he's a good read, and I recommend him to anyone who likes reading my actual, you know, political...stuff.

JP of Vaginous takes #4 (not work safe, FYI). Sense of humor, maniacal work pranks, helluva smart one. Damned good read.

Abby of Bad Dogs and Such rounds out the 5. She just finished a pretty big move, so there have been some gaps in her (usually) prolific posting. Her profile says all there needs to be said. Get over there and check it out!

Okay. Sorry. I lied. I have one more: Matt G. He's a police officer with a heart Silver? Brass? Whatever it is, the whole shebang is controlled by a damned fine brain. Need protection advice delivered in a humorous, yet stern, way? Look no further than this guy.

Go forth and spread the linky love!


JP said...

Thank You Bonnie for the prestigious award and especially the kind words. I read so few blogs that I can only name them all as the winners of my thinking blogger award. I'll make a post and pass it on! Thanks!

Squeaky Wheel said...

I have such a huge blogroll that I had to think of the people who actually read mine in order to be sure that they would be able to see that I'd called them out. :-)

You're welcome! You deserve it! :-)

TD said...

Well thank you kindly, ma'am :-)

Squeaky Wheel said...

Pssshaw...and you were worried...