Sunday, June 3, 2007

*waves hands maniacally in an effort to get even more attention*

Hey guys!

Look at the left sidebar!

I'm one of the cool kids!

And I got it by being a geeky bitch!


Thanks, AD!

Here are a few more exclamation points for dramatic effect: !!!!!!

EDIT: DUDE! I hit 3000 page views and 2000 visits this morning:



John said...

Whooooo Hoooo- I hit 250 and 337 page views and I think most of those were me before I knew to turn off my own visits-LOL. I've changed format- maybe that will help- But yours deserves to be read!!! Great Blog!!


Squeaky Wheel said...

I've probably logged about 10 of those visits myself, because turning off the IP address of every computer that I use here at work would be a giant pain in the rear. :-)