Saturday, June 2, 2007


This year was the first year my boyfriend and his friends decided to form a team for the Italian Festival here in Memphis.

Yesterday they won first place in the grape-stomping contest (which is basically an excuse for people to get out all of their nervous energy while trying to see who can extract the most juice out of a bunch of grapes by jumping around like monkeys), which is just fun to say.

I went today with 4 other family members to visit their booth (I'm technically a member of the team, but I haven't done much in the way of significant contributions to the competition as a whole, so I'm going to keep my tee shirt and shut up), and I decided to stay for the announcement of the winners in the other areas of the festival.

We (I feel like I can say that here) won 3rd Place in the tee-shirt design contest.

How cool is that? I think there were 40-some-odd teams there, and, this being our first year, I'm pretty happy with that result.

Not to mention, my boyfriend designed the shirts (I helped!), so we get to keep the plaque in his house. *preens*

P.S. I'm sunburned. Again. And Pimm's with Coke is really good. Does that make me ghetto? Or British? I can't decide.


BobG said...

"We (I feel like I can say that here) won 3rd Place in the tee-shirt design contest."

Congratulations. Now, the question everyone wants to know: Who won the wet tee-shirt contest, and how come there are no pictures?

Squeaky Wheel said...

Alas, there was no wet tee shirt contest. If there was, I might have stayed out at the Festival a lot longer than I did.