Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Inspiration of a different sort.

The occurrence on Monday was terrible. I will not dispute that.

However, we need to stop treating these situations like excuses to lament and start using them as opportunities for change.

I don't mean the kind of change that causes stricter laws or more discrimination against people who might not fit in with our "ideal" society.

I mean the kind of change that allows people to be who they are, express their opinions, and PROTECT THEMSELVES, above all else.

I think it's wonderful that people are reaching out to the victims' families. Good on ya, if you can reach far enough outside of your Monkeysphere to actually CARE about the people, rather than using the tragedy as an excuse for your own agenda.

However, as A View From the Porch pointed out, and what will ultimately be the point of my creating this blog, people have got to start paying attention. They've got to start realizing what consequences their actions and reactions are going to have on the world around them. We are no longer a nation cut off from the rest of the world...we haven't been in decades. The world is watching, and some of them are waiting for us to become a discombobulated mass so that they can strike...much like someone pouring water on an ant hill in order to draw the largest number of the colony to the top before applying poison.

This has got to stop. We have got to educate ourselves and begin fighting back. Whimpering in a corner may draw sympathy from your mom, but the stranger down the street is going to think you're a wimp, and he may rob you blind while you're crying.

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