Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day!

China: Missing child's remains found in crocodile. The thing that gets me about this story is that the manager and keeper are both being held...and they'll probably kill off the rest of the crocs, because that's what people do (kill or destroy whatever doesn't function exactly as they think it should). My question: What the fuck were those kids doing smacking crocodiles with sticks in the first place?

Moral of the story: Disrespect Mother Nature, and her agents will get you.

South Africa: Game reserve owner mauled to death by lions. I'm just wondering about that open car door. Removing a metal barrier when surrounded by large, wild cats is never a good idea. Mother Nature - 2, Humans - 0.

(thanks to View From the Porch for the above links)

Captain Obvious Award goes to this quote: "The fact that there are that many people living at that sea level means there are probably a lot of people potentially in harm's way."

And because I'm not a bitch ALL the time: Astronaut runs Boston Marathon from ISS. I have to admit, that's pretty damned cool. Kudos to Suni Williams!

In all seriousness, though: Happy Earth Day, everyone. Remember that we only have one planet, and we do need to take care of it. Take a walk today, recycle something nice for Mother Earth. Or she'll sic a crocodile on your ass.

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